SCC is a low pressure social group whose goal is for members to help each other create and self-publish original comics while providing regular opportunities for discussion, collaboration, and critique.

We acheive these goals through monthly meetings, weekly online sketch groups, and online forums through Discord and Facebook. With our anthology series and shared convention tables, we create spaces for members to expose their work to the public and build audiences.

In 2010 SCC began with a simple Craigslist ad. A writer sought to meet other creators in the area in order to talk shop and combat the often solitary nature of cartooning. A few people responded and they began to meet monthly to share their work and ideas. It has since exploded in membership, attracting more than 100 members hailing from Baltimore, Northern Virginia, and beyond!

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Funds are used to cover hosting fees, special events, and future projects such as anthologies.

Join us at our monthly meetings! Check out the event page for more info!

Posted by Square City Comics on Sunday, January 7, 2018


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