Smudge! Expo Recap

First off, a big thank you to everyone who dropped by the Smudge! Expo this Saturday.  As our first convention of the year, I gotta say it was SPECTACULAR!  The floor was filled with adults and kids all excited to be there and get inspired to start their own projects. I spoke with many parents there to support their child’s dreams of creating comics as well as grown ups looking to start cartooning and learn from like-minded people.

We had more than one member exhibiting at the show, so I asked them to share their thoughts on the show.

Jade: Hope that it becomes a yearly thing! Kid-friendly, which is great. Nice space even if it is labyrinthine!!! [Author’s note: Jade and I got lost trying to find both our cars and the restroom post-show].

Desmond: Smudge was pretty fun I had some great conversations and loved that Square City had so much representation there. I spoke with lots of comic enthusiasts as well as those who did not have any knowledge of the medium. The set up was unique and the Artisphere provided a very comfortable setting to discuss your work.

The only thing for me that came up during Smudge was that they labeled some tables “Kid Friendly” and I feel as though they may have taken away some opportunities for me to talk to parents. I agree my book is not kid friendly but there were  couple of dads who looked through it and were like “yeah I am going to buy that” so I wish I would have had more of an opportunity to make that connection. This even also made me think I may need to look into expanding into kid friendly stories. I would like to reach a really young audience but am I then writing for what really drives me or to have access into a market? Is looking to expand into something like the child market wise? I am not sure but I certainly am going to do some deep thinking about it. 
As per usual I enjoyed this expo and felt this medium is where I can truly flourish. Also I sat again with my awesome tablemate Jade (first time I ever tabled was at 2013 SPX and she was very supportive and insightful). I am really pumped for Awesomecon, SPX, Baltimore Comic Con and Any shows in between. We have a great group of really talented artist and writers and I look forward to our individual and collective prosperity.
EmilyJust as previous stated, Smudge was a ton of fun!  Well organized, well promoted, and very inspiring.  I overheard a few people say that this is was SPX was back in it’s early days.  If it’s around next year (and I certainly hope it is) you can bet I’ll be signing up again!


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2 thoughts on Smudge! Expo Recap

  1. For newbies to the comics scene, come out to the cons. It’s a great way to support Square City Comics, see how it’s done, chat with some interesting artists, writers and publishers. You’ll get a good walking, take home some good reads, novelties, and a sense of what next step to take. Maybe you’ll exhibit or assist someone who does.

  2. Oh, I forgot to say that it’s a way to promote Square City Comics. A few exhibitors at Smudge seemed to be unaffiliated, not participating with a group or publisher, so I pointed out all your tables. A few seemed interested.

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