What's in the Resource Center?

EVERYTHING. Here is where we stockpile useful resources for every aspect of cartooning we can find! This section will continue to be updated as we come across other articles. Feel free to submit anything you come across as well!

Comic Script Basics - Nate Piekos
Writing the Pitch - Steven Forbes/ComixTribe
Writing a Successful Synopsis - Monica M. Clark
Making a Successful Comic Pitch - Faith Erin Hicks
Six Steps for Writing a Book Synopsis - Marissa Meyer
Let's Talk About Developing Character
Write! - Word processing program
Scrivener - Word processing program for scripting
Bird by Bird - Anne Lamott (recommended by Kelly Sue Deconnick)
Color Palette Tutorial - Melanie Gillman
Soft Cel Shading Tutorial - Michael Sexton
Blending Copic Markers - Baylee Creations
Comic Book Grammar & Tradition - Nate Piekos
Anatomy of a Font - Nate Piekos
How to Hand Letter - Nate Piekos
Lettering Pt. 1 / Lettering Pt. 2 - Steven Forbes/ComixTribe
Handwriting Font Creator
Sketchup Roombox Tutorial - Amy Stoddard
Setting Up Clip Studio/Manga Studio - lucia
Pricing Your Book - Steven Forbes/ComixTribe
Publisher Responsibilities - Steven Forbes/ComixTribe
ComixLaunch Crowdfunding Podcast
A Retailer's Tips for Selling Minicomics - Big Planet Comics
The Financial Reality of Being a Full Time Cartoonist - Faith Erin Hicks
Taxes for Freelancers - Kali Ciesemier
Cash Clock Legal 101 for Artists - Starry Night Artist Resources
Work Made for Hire - Katie Lane
ComixLaunch - Tyler James & Jeremy Melloul
Creator at Large - Jeremy Melloul
Distribution - Dirty Old Ladies Podcast
Dealing with Discouragement - Faith Erin Hicks
12 Exercises for Wrist Pain - Diet of Life
Unnatural Talent - Jason Brubaker
Understanding Comics - Scott McCould Making Comics - Scott McCloud
Webcomic Alliance
Art & Story Podcast - Jerzy Drozd, Mark Rudolph, & Kevin Cross
Did We Miss Something?
We're continously looking to add more to our collection. If you know of or have a book, article, tutorial, or other resource you think we should include, share it with us!