SCC Anthology 3


Work is already underway for our next group project!  A reminder to participants: you can find all relevant information on how to submit your work and upcoming deadlines on the forum.  Not participating but still want to help?  Keep an eye out for information regarding the Kickstarter campaign we’ll be putting together this summer!

Kickstarter Alert – The End by Shawn P. Murphy

SCC Member Shawn Murphy is currently kickstarting the next issues of his series “The End.”  As he describes it:

“If the world was going to end in seven days, how would you spend your last week alive?  The End examines how many different people react (or refuse to react) to their own impending doom.”

Check out the video below and help Shawn bring his books to print!  The campaign ends on June 9th.

Smudge! Expo Recap

First off, a big thank you to everyone who dropped by the Smudge! Expo this Saturday.  As our first convention of the year, I gotta say it was SPECTACULAR!  The floor was filled with adults and kids all excited to be there and get inspired to start their own projects. I spoke with many parents there to support their child’s dreams of creating comics as well as grown ups looking to start cartooning and learn from like-minded people.

We had more than one member exhibiting at the show, so I asked them to share their thoughts on the show.

Jade: Hope that it becomes a yearly thing! Kid-friendly, which is great. Nice space even if it is labyrinthine!!! [Author’s note: Jade and I got lost trying to find both our cars and the restroom post-show].

Desmond: Smudge was pretty fun I had some great conversations and loved that Square City had so much representation there. I spoke with lots of comic enthusiasts as well as those who did not have any knowledge of the medium. The set up was unique and the Artisphere provided a very comfortable setting to discuss your work.

The only thing for me that came up during Smudge was that they labeled some tables “Kid Friendly” and I feel as though they may have taken away some opportunities for me to talk to parents. I agree my book is not kid friendly but there were  couple of dads who looked through it and were like “yeah I am going to buy that” so I wish I would have had more of an opportunity to make that connection. This even also made me think I may need to look into expanding into kid friendly stories. I would like to reach a really young audience but am I then writing for what really drives me or to have access into a market? Is looking to expand into something like the child market wise? I am not sure but I certainly am going to do some deep thinking about it. 
As per usual I enjoyed this expo and felt this medium is where I can truly flourish. Also I sat again with my awesome tablemate Jade (first time I ever tabled was at 2013 SPX and she was very supportive and insightful). I am really pumped for Awesomecon, SPX, Baltimore Comic Con and Any shows in between. We have a great group of really talented artist and writers and I look forward to our individual and collective prosperity.
EmilyJust as previous stated, Smudge was a ton of fun!  Well organized, well promoted, and very inspiring.  I overheard a few people say that this is was SPX was back in it’s early days.  If it’s around next year (and I certainly hope it is) you can bet I’ll be signing up again!


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Kickstarter Alert – Frontier Graveyard: The Risen

Our very own Profesone has launched a campaign for the first printing of this zombie samurai western tale! As described on the campaign’s page:

“The transcontinental railroad was going to bridge the East to the West and usher in a new age of prosperity along the frontier. But something’s gone wrong. A crew of rail workers has disappeared, and settlements along the line are falling silent. The railroad hires Nathanial Holden and Ezekiel Grey to search for answers. What they find instead is a trail of bodies and a quiet town on the verge of annihilation.”

Head over to the Kickstarter page to learn more and throw in your support for the project by backing the book!  The campaign ends on March 4, 2014.